general meeting

The shareholders' meeting is the meeting of the shareholders to discuss and pass resolutions. It is the most important organ of the FDF and takes place in the spring and autumn of each year in the vicinity of shareholder companies whose locations are also visited. It serves the exchange of experience and defines the framework for the work of the advisory board and the office. For the shareholders, discussions with owner-managed specialist dealers for roofs and facades are extremely important. Many collegial relationships have meanwhile turned into friendships.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of members who are also shareholders of the FDF. It is elected by the shareholders' meeting for a term of three years. The advisory board is responsible for the tasks assigned to it by the shareholders' meeting, but in particular for supporting and accompanying the management in the implementation of decisions. The Chairman is appointed by the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board meets at least three to four times a year.

Beiratsmitglieder v. l. n. r.

  • Rainer Geschwandtner (Geschwandtner + Felgemacher Bedachungshandel GmbH)
  • Thomas Kettlein (Kettlein Spezialbaustoffe GmbH)
  • Michael Pawlitzki Michael Pawlitzki GmbH)
  • Edgar Juras (Heinrich Obers GmbH)
  • Carina Flosbach (Werner Flosbach GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Holger Schmitz (H. P. Schmitz GmbH)
  • Oliver Felgemacher (Geschwandtner + Felgemacher Bedachungshandel GmbH)
  • Simon Kölnsperger (Kölnsperger Bedachungshandel GmbH)
  • Martin Hortig (Krieger u. Co GmbH)

Junior Circle

The FDF has had a Junior Circle since 2007. The future of the shareholder companies and thus also of the FDF depends decisively on the promotion and motivation of the potential successors. The Junior Circle plans independent activities, which are regularly coordinated with the other FDF committees.